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Awards for Extended Stay Hotels

Awards for Extended Stay Hotels

Hotel awards give guests peace of mind, as they know the hotel abides by high standards of customer satisfaction. We’re proud to say multiple WoodSpring Suites hotels made the 2023 award list, so you can stay in award-winning hotels while enjoying affordable rates.

Choice Hotels Awards

Every year Choice Hotels rewards hotels who go above and beyond in the fields of customer service and customer satisfaction. The awards provide recognition to hotels that meet Choice’s strict selection criteria: Only hotels with the highest Guest Satisfaction Rankings (GSR) are eligible for awards. GSR is determined by how likely guests are to recommend the hotel to other people.

Choice awards Gold, Platinum, Ring of Honor, and Hotel of the Year awards. Gold awards represent the top 10% of hotels evaluated by Choice. Platinum represents the top 3%, while Ring of Honor is only awarded to the top 1%. Hotel of the Year is the top-rated hotel in a given category.

WoodSpring Suites Choice Hotel Awards

Looking for a Choice Hotels Extended Stay location? We’re proud to say 17 of our locations were awarded Gold or better in 2023. Our list of award-winning hotels includes:

Hotel of the Year

Ring of Honor

Platinum Awards

Gold Awards

Choice Hotels’ extended stay locations are perfect for budget-minded people who demand the best possible value for their hard-earned dollars. Whether you’re relocating to a new job, traveling for work, or need a home away from home during medical care or due to unforeseen circumstances, our award-winning hotels will ensure your stay is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.